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With but a few years of experience under my belt, I’m a relatively new initiate in the world of kitesurfing. When I have hit the water, it’s either been off of the east coast or around California. For instance, I’m familiar with the dream destination of La Ventana over in Baja California and with the more temperate waters of Cape Hatteras. But there’s a whole world of kitesurfing out there that I’ve yet to scratch. From friends of mine and the internet, I’ve come across several kitesurfing destinations I’d like to hit at some point in the future.

Maui, Hawaii

Big Beach Maui with Trees sand and water - edited by Patrick Manasse

Makena Big Beach, Maui

More than just being a haven for wave surfers, Maui is also an epicenter for kitesurfers. Most kitesurfers get their kicks around the aptly named Kite Beach, which boast warm water and steady winds. Plus, there are plenty of hikes through bamboo forests and waterfalls just a skip and a hop from outside of town.

Union Island

A hut in the middle of the water, another island behind it - edited by Patrick Manasse

“Happy Island” in the waters of Union Island

The Caribbeans hold no shortage of great kitesurfing spots. It’s pretty hard to find a place as welcoming as Union Island. Aside from having a robust downtowns areas (Cliftton an Ashton) and even its own international airport, the island is home to two beautiful kitesurfing spots. Clear, turquoise water and calm waves are a couple of the defining characteristics.

Nabq Bay, Egypt


Nabq Bay

Located right off the Red Sea, sheltered by Tiran Island and two coral reefs is the resort town of Nabq. The reefs make for relatively tame waters and an added buffer against tidal effects, which in turn makes for longer sessions out on the water.

Cumbuco, Brazil

A beach of bright sand and blue water with kitesurfers in the distance - edited by Patrick Manasse

Cumbuco, Brazil

A quaint fishing village off of the Brazilian coast, Cumbuco has more to offer than first meets the eye. The village is home to a beach that spans over 6 kilometers. That means plenty of space for those looking to kitesurf. The lower key vibes of the village make for a kitesurfing trip of equal parts exhilaration and relaxation.

Taveuni Island, Fiji

Image of a beach and smooth clear water - edited by Patrick Manasse

Taveuni Beach, Fiji

With it’s remote location and the sheer difficulty of getting there, Fiji really tops the list of dream kitesurfing destinations. Specifically around Taveuni. Give its location amidst a cluster of other islands, Taveuni and its surrounding waters have the benefit of some serious wind funnels. Because of a nearby reef, most of the kitesurfing you do will be on relatively calm waters. Make your way outside of the reef, and that is a whole other story.

Don’t know much about kitesurfing? Here’s a little bit of background.

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