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Patrick Manasse is Co-founder and Chief Compliance Officer at Monetago, but his interests include so much more.

Street Art. Cinema. Arts. Architecture.

Street Art

Patrick Manasse has been fascinated by street art since a young age. He’s toured around Brooklyn, Bristol, and more in search of beautiful works.


Patrick Manasse grew up watching both French and English language films when he was a kid. Today, he actively seeks out cinema from across the world.


From preludes and nocturnes to rock anthems and hip hop, Patrick Manasse appreciates music of all sorts of genre.


Arches. Facades. Buttresses. Stucco. Renaissance. Art deco. All of these terms speak to the architect aficionado in Patrick Manasse.

Travel. Skiing. Snowboarding. Sailing. Kitesurfing.

Patrick Manasse

has been traveling the world ever since he was a young child. Born on the French Riviera, Patrick is bilingual (French and English), has attended boarding school in Massachusetts, earned his undergraduate degree in Canada at McGill University, studied law in Australia at Bond University, and earned his MBA from Skolkovo, an MIT designed program that spanned from Russia to China and India. Additionally, Patrick has lived and worked in Paris and Los Angeles. For Patrick, travel is a way of life.

With travel has come an appreciation for outdoor sports. His parents, both lawyers, instilled in Patrick an appreciation for sailing and skiing at a very young age. Patrick Manasse’s mother, Kathy Manasse, was a number one pick for the US Olympic Ski Team. After incurring an injury, she pulled out from competing to focus on her career. She was an avid sailor, and in fact, brought Patrick’s father, Donald into the sport where he became relatively well known in international sailboat racing circles and has been asked to arbitrate in numerous competitions.

Patrick Manasse has been skiing since he was two years old. At the age of 11, he was even asked to join the Monaco Olympic Ski Team. Patrick spent some time training with the team, but when they asked him to drop-out of school to focus on training full-time, he decided against it. Today Patrick enjoys skiing all over the earth–from Western Canada to Switzerland. His favorite skiing destination is the Klosters in Switzerland, a place where his family has skied for years. For the past 20 years though Patrick has been favoring snowboarding, always looking for a new adventure in a new location.

Similarly to his experience with skiing and snowboarding, Patrick has been sailing since the age of seven. He was the youngest person to join the Monaco Sailing Team and has competed in the French Nationals and European Championship. He spent summers sailing both Lasers and J-24s on Lake George in upstate New York. In college he joined the McGill sailing team and competed against US universities. While living in Australia, Patrick picked up surfing as well, and a big goal for the future is to combine snowboarding/surfing and sailing into kitesurfing.

In addition to traveling and enjoying the outdoors, Patrick participates in a number of charitable organizations from Stop Soldier Suicide to Clubhouse International.

Patrick was the youngest person to join the Monaco Sailing Team and has competed in the French Nationals and European Championship.

Patrick Manasse is the the Founder and Chief Compliance Officer for MonetaGo Inc., a digital currency gateway which leverages the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to beat existing exchange rates.